Copper Brass Extrusion Press

The machine are available for solid as hollow tube / Profile Extrusion Equiped with tooling like die tools, Stems, Piercers, Equipped with piercer cooling system, Underwater extrusion, Equipments etc.

Copper Brass Extrusion Press   Copper Brass Extrusion Presses  

Special Features For Copper Brass Extrusion Presses:
• The press construction is Four Pre Stretched tie rods Pre-Compressed Columns.
• Guides Fitted with phosphor bronze wear plates. Adjustable X guides are provided For
  container and moving frame for easy and precise alignments. Which slide on Precisely machined
  Hardened plates fixed on the columns.

Hardened Plates Fixed on the Columns  
Linear Loader  
• Shear blade is guided with cylindrical adaptor throughout its stroke in sturdy shear frame.
sturdy shear frame  
• Hydraulic Operated billet loader
Hydraulic Pperated Billet Loader  Rubber Moulding Press  
• Operational controls with PLC interfaced with HMI.
• Variable extrusion speeds For Copper Brass Press Optional.
• Sturdy Piercer guiding arrangement for tube extrusion.
• Optional Saw for Copper brass extrusion Press instead of Shear.

sturdy piercer guiding arragement for tube extrusion